Free online course “Making Green Buildings” from Stanford University

(Posted by Dr. Chow Yong Neng, at 2012-01-18)

Making Green Buildings
Green Buildings as presented in the Course Site







I have just signed up for this free online course from Stanford University on Making Green Building and not sure if my limited knowledge of building science will allow me to follow the course. But the course details stated,  “The class is an entry-level course at the university level. Some of the concepts will be more accessible to students with basic knowledge about the design and construction process, engineering economy, and accounting” .

 Hence there is a chance of my having met this pre-requisite! The introduction video to this course by the course leader, Professor Martin Fischer is provided in the Youtube feed on this page.

The course will start in January 2012 and is still accepting enrollment which is just a simple sign up giving your email address & your name. This is purely a knowledge enhancement course and no academic credit is attached.


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