A change in this blog’s writing.

Fairy's lake - 仙女湖


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They say “change is the norm” and it is true. Apart from death and taxes, nothing in life is certain. It is more so during this pandemic era.
This blog’s main author, Dr. Chow has taken up an appointment as a full time teaching staff at a government university in Guangdong Province, China since late February 2019. Hence the prolonged absence of new articles.  Dr. Chow plans to write about his life as an academic of a public Chinese institution of higher learning, his observations of life in his new home, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, teaching and learning and other musings.
As his academic duties take precedence, Dr. Chow’s contributions to this blog will inevitably be more sporadic than before.

The famous 仙女湖 – fairy’s lake at Zhaoqing City
Fairy's lake - 仙女湖

Among the topics that Dr. Chow is preparing to write are:

  1. It’s normal living without physical cash in China!
  2. The new norm in teaching – online delivery
  3. etc.

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