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A juggle between studies and on-campus jobs

How does a college student balance studies and part-time work? This is a story of Leland Chow who went to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on a shoe-string budget and how he managed to get on-campus jobs to save enough fund for him to visit different parts of the USA without bankrupting his parents!

Life’s lessons learned from Harry Potter

What life’s lessons can you get from Harry Potter books? Read what a young fan, Potterhead got to say about this.

A violin, a wine glass, a mobile phone & a pencil: what’s the connection?

What’s the connection between a violin, a wine glass, a pencil and a cell phone? Read how using Doyle-shaped essay one can intricately links these together to support an ultimate story line: human nature.

Studying in America: a young Malaysian’s story

Although I am very “British” in my academic “pedigree”, having spent nearly twelve years studying in the United Kingdom, the most enjoyable teaching experience I encountered as an academic was when I taught American Degree Program (ADP) in different colleges in Malaysia. The breadth of knowledge, relatively flexible learning paths and the communication skills of ADP students were the key influencing factors for me to advise my son, Leland to choose to study in the USA. Leland started to prepare[…]