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Every mug tells a story, especially after 25 years of use!

“The Boss” mug that served 25 years

A simple mug that had seen usaged for 25 years helps to tell a story about time management and prioritizing.

Hacking the learning of English – my story

When I was fourteen, Mr John Lee, my tuition teacher told me that my command of English was that of a five-year old! Apart from a dented ego, I had to come to terms that either I learn to improve my command of English or sink!

How much do you know about “Back to the future”?

Are you into sci-fi? Have you watched “Back to the future”? How much do you remember about the plot? Take the challenge, complete this quiz! Watch this space for the answer in the next posting. Enjoy!

Low completion: a killer of MOOCs?

The New York Times reported recently that the University of Texas System may be having second thoughts about its foray into the realm of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). There are three major concerns that were raised: The completion rate of MOOCs offered has been languishing between one to 13 %; Majority of the learners were not from the home state; Of those few learners who have completed, the bulk of them were people who have already college education. I[…]

The trouble with input-centric education system

Input-centric education decisions have been hampering the advance of Malaysian learners.

Knowledge: use it or risk losing it

No matter how much of an expert you are in an area, if you do not make use of the knowledge and skills acquired for a prolong period of time, sooner or later, as I had discovered about my knowledge of interpreting statistical analysis, you will find that you have lost these skills.

The best way to re-gain your knowledge is in re-learning and using this knowledge. You may, as I did, not only regain your old skills but pick up new skills (in using PSPP) as well!

How to pass every exam that you take

In the previous article, I covered the importance for learners to know the syllabus of each subject that they are taking in what I termed “knowing your enemy” to achieve “smart learning”. This article digs deeper into knowing your other enemy, the dreaded examination. I have passed every single academic examination in my long study career at university of eight and a half year and hence have the “formula” to share. In the academic settings, even if you know your[…]

Smart learning to conquer exam blues

I studied over eight years at university which is much longer  than most people. As a result I am often being introduced by former schoolmates and college mates as “he who likes to study” to their friends, offsprings and spouses.  Naturally, I do get lots of requests from every corner for advice on “how to study”.   Aside from having the credential of having been a “veteran university student”, I asked myself what do I have to offer about learning and[…]

A great way to learn about genetics & how it affects you

I was one of the “guinea pigs” of Queen’s University of Belfast in 1985 when along with 5 others from the Class of 1985, I was awarded a scholarship to be the pioneer batch of Master of Science students in the newly minted Biotechnology programme. A lot the then state-of-the-art knowledge that I was imparted with have indeed been superseded over the last 20 odd years of intense research in this domain. However, the basics in genetics, I hope do not change[…]

What’s going on in MOOC world?

This is the original article (unedited) on MOOC that was published in Focus Malaysia on June 08, 2013. It was written under the name of Plantcloner, the moniker used by Dr. YN Chow who had a column with Focus Malaysia for a stint. The published article’s title was, “What is going on in the revolutionary MOOC world”. A new learning phenomenon was born in early 2012. It is called Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). MOOC has revolutionized the learning world[…]