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Revisiting a 2010 story on Malaysians’ Water Usage & Conservation

Commentary: This article was first published in March 2010. In view of the current water supply disruption experienced by folks residing in the Klang Valley, I think that a reminder to be mindful of water conservation and careful usage is timely. Commentaries based on more updated findings etc. are inserted in the article below and highlighted accordingly. As most of the newspaper articles cited in 2010 are no longer easily available online, luckily, I have curated the originals and shared[…]

Examleaks and public examinations in Malaysia

The primary school standard six’s Ujian Pencapian Sekolah Rendah (Primary School Achievements Examination or UPSR) science paper has suffered Examleak, and it was confirmed as this article was written that the UPSR English paper was also compromised. Now12 years old students at primary schools in Malaysia have to pay for the consequences of Examleaks this year. It seems that nothing in Malaysian public examination system can be kept secret any more. The students and their teachers are the ones having[…]