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The simplest of solutions may be the best

I have made it a habit to routinely scan the feed of the business social medium platform, Linkedin for updates, news and sharing of articles etc. from my 500+ contacts. It is amazing what you can learn from your Linkedin contacts these days. One of the many learned friends from Linkedin platform who has consistently sharing great articles is Jason Schrott, CEO of Gateway Education USA. I picked up lots of updates, reviews and news about higher education, especially in[…]

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Graduands must respect and appreciate university graduation ceremonies

This piece was inspired when I read about some graduating students at local universities pulling “selfie” stunt on stage during their respective graduation ceremonies. This article was first published in Han Chiang News on June 02, 2015. *************************************************************** I read with much anguish and amusement recently about graduands of local public universities doing some antics such as taking a selfie while they were getting their testamurs on stage during their respective graduation ceremonies. A lot of debates have been generated[…]