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Venturing into corporate training arena: a game changer for MOOC players?

To be appropriate for corporate training use, MOOC players need to identify MOOCs that both they and their supplying institutions are able to re-purpose for corporate learning and market just these.

Asking corporate training practitioners to accept the academic MOOCs as the basis for their corporate learning programs is like trying to put a square peg through a round hole.

What are on-demand MOOCs?

I think Coursera has been listening to its 8.44 million MOOCians (learners) lately. It has joined Udacity in offering On-Demand MOOCs. So far only 3 MOOcs are available in on-demand mode from Coursera, I think there will be more to come. What are on-demand MOOCs? You may want to ask. Well there is one aspect of Massive Open Online Courses that has been limiting its acceptance. Due to the familiarity of content / course providers who are almost entirely from academia[…]