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Compact Calendar 2019 (optimized for Selangor, Malaysia)

The 2019 version of a one-glance-see-all compact calendar, created by David Seah, but customized by the author for the state of Selangor, Malaysia is provided in this article. This compact calendar is easily customized to suite the user’s needs.

Malaysia’s Compact Calendar 2018 

A compact “one-view-see-all” calendar for 2018 inclusive of Malaysian public holidays and school terms is available for download. This version is optimized for Selangor State but is easily customized (if you download the Excel version) to any state of Malaysia.

Compact Calendar for 2017 specifically for Malaysia (Selangor)

Dave Seah is the inventor of Compact Calendar that I have adopted for many years now. I first introduced its use in 2008 when I was the Deputy Principal & Academic Director of Technology Park Malaysia College. This practice was extended when I took up the job of CEO & Principal of Han Chiang College in 2015. Nothing beats the compact calendar when you need to plan events for the year and stay clear of “pit holes” like the eve[…]

Compact Calendar for 2015 specifically for Malaysia

Get a full-year view from this compact calendar to help you plan events without worry of clashing with public or school holidays!