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Bye Bye Unifi, Hello Maxis Fibre!

Unifi broadband has been taking customers for granted. It charges higher fees & forces IPTV subscription upon subscribers. Maxis Fibre, riding on Unifi’s backbone for the “last mile” presents a better & cheaper alternative where internet speed of 30 Mbps is consistently provided.

How much of our lives revolve around the internet?

Two days ago when I woke up in the morning, after all the chores and usual morning exercises, I dutifully switched on the laptop. The internet speed was snail pace at first, then it drop to a crawl and virtually “died” within 5 minutes. At first I thought it must have been my broadband router playing. After switching off and on, reset, reboot etc. access to the internet was still sporadic, all these while we could get our phone and[…]