Lefthanders have “rights” too!

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Do you know that forcing a left-handed child to use her/his right hand is tantamount to child abuse? I wrote this article 3 years back when I was a columnist of the now defunct, The Heat. I hope to spread this message to help fellow lefties so that they do not have to suffer the irreparable damage like me. So by now many of my university mates should know why I did not take up engineering at Queen’s University of Belfast (though the admission officer, Mr. Sterling Weisner did offer me to read all engineering degree programmes in 1982, except for Electrical & Electronic Engineering)!

When I was studying for my GCE “A” levels in South Shields, Tyne & Wear, England, for the life of me,  I could never figure out my roommate, TS Lau’s technical drawing, no matter how hard I tried. Later a fellow Malaysian student, Andrew Chew’s girlfriend who studied psychology explained to me that people like me suffer from spatial orientation problem and in severe cases, sufferers can go mad!

I understand there are cultural requirements for one to use the right hand to perform certain rituals etc. but that do not mean that a left handed person is supposed to use her/his right hand to do everything. Lefties are very adaptable. My daughter who is left handed learned to use the chopsticks using her right hand as it was the way her mother taught her. It did not do her any harm as she was free to use her left hand to do other crucial learning tasks such as writing and drawing. So there is one less excuse for forcing a lefty to be totally “righty” in whatever he/she does.

Hopefully, we lefties will have our birthrights respected and I hope more like me, will stand up for our LEFT!

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