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Every mug tells a story, especially after 25 years of use!

“The Boss” mug that served 25 years

A simple mug that had seen usaged for 25 years helps to tell a story about time management and prioritizing.

free spectacles for teachers

Teaching profession: held in high regards 教师:一个被尊敬的专业

Until I took up an academic position in China, it did not occur to me that the teaching profession is so respected. In fact all teaching staff, whether they are teaching primary, secondary or university students are referred to as “teachers”. For me, it felt great being addressed by my students as “teacher” when I stepped into the lecture hall at Zhaoqing University for the first time in March 2019.当我在高校任教之前,我没有想到教师专业受到如此尊重。事实上,所有的教师,无论是教小学、中学还是大学生,都被称为“老师”。对我来说,当我2019年3月第一次走进肇庆学院的讲堂时,被学生们称为“老师”的感觉是真舒服的。 Every year during the celebration for “teachers’ day” many businesses[…]

Don’t rely on traditional banks for international remittance!

How much (as a percentage of fund) would you guess it cost to transfer RMB 1,406 from Taiwan to Malaysia using the traditional banking services? In this article I share my expensive lesson on international fund transaction using traditional banks. A staggering 27.46% of my fund of RMB 1,406 was “taxed” by the intermediary. Both the sending bank (in Taiwan) & receiving bank (in Malaysia) said that there it was not possible to find out how the intermediary levy the charges!

My tulmutous experience with WeChat Wallet

This article shares the author’s tortuous path towards getting WeChat Pay sorted during his trip from Malaysia to China when he left his entire wallet at home, with only RM15 to his name!

USB ISO image writer and dabbling with Linux

Problems with UNetbootin can be solved by using USB ISO image writer like Etcher where Linux Mint 19 Tara was installed well. GParted must be used with caution.

Setting up cheap web-based Xiaomi & Yi home security cams

The learning experience on installing & configuring cheap Xiaomi & Yi Technology home security webcam is shared in this article. If your are adventurous & on a tight budget, the cheaper made-for-China versions of these gadgets are for you, otherwise you should stick to the “international” version.

Reviving old laptops with Puppy Linux (part 2)

In this article, the author shares his experience in creating such a bootable USB flash drive, comes complete with a working Puppy Linux distribution that is persistence. Unlike “live” bootable USB flash drive of other distribution, where once a session is over, all the updates, software installed are lost, Puppy Linux will keep all the these to make it persistence & adapt to the user’s needs.

Revive old laptops with Linux, Puppy Linux (parts 1)

This article contains the sharing of experience & learning on how to revive old PCs/laptops using the light weight Puppy Linux as OS to replace Windows. It gives step-by-step details on how to fit the entire OS plus applications & software into a USB flash dive of a minimum of 4 Gb, with larger capacities being more effective.

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What to do when your WordPress just refuses to load?

What should you do if your WordPress site just stops loading? This article shares the writer’s experience with this issue where a step-by-step solution for the problem is given. Also highlighted is the usage of Page Builder plugins & their associated supporting plugins. Never update plugins en mass is the key message.

Learning to work with WordPress plugins & add-ons

Due consideration must be given when applying plugins to WordPress software, especially when a plugin is an “add-on” to a core plugin for a page builder. Incompatibility after an update may render elements of an “add-on” not functioning & thus losing your content.