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I posted a piece on the great classic sci-fi movie, “Back To The Future” recently. I hope the fans of BTTF found this to be stimulating and challenged your knowledge of this movie that set the tone for many sci-fi to come. It is not easy to accept that this year, 2015, BTTF is THIRTY years old!

Here are the answers to the quiz I posted:

  1. Marvin and The Starlilghters.
  2. (a) Jerry Lewis; (b) Chuck Berry.
  3. Chocolate milk.
  4. Because the car key was kept inside the trunk with Marty.
  5. “It’s like kissing my brother!”.
  6. The Class of 1984.
  7. (a) Chuck Berry, (b) His cousin.
  8. He set fire to the rug.
  9. October 26, 1985, 01:35 am.
  10. Dave; Linda.
  11. Milton, Sally, Cody, Joey.
  12. Purple.
  13. Speed of 88 mph; precisely at 10:04pm; 1.21 Gigawatt of power.
  14. Western Auto Shop.
  15. “A Match Made in Space”.
  16. Bluebird Motel.
  17. October 26, 1985 at 01:24 am.

Scores:   If you get

  • ALL 25 answers correctly:
    You are The Connoisseur of “Back to the Future”!
  • 20 to 24 correct answers:
    You are A Fan of “Back to the Future”.
  • 15  to 19 correct answers:
    You did not go to sleep during the showing of “Back to the Future”.
  • 8 to 14 correct answers:
    You must be yawning away during “Back to the Future”.
  • Less than 8 correct answers:
    Did you fall asleep during “Back to the Future”!

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