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Conducting adequate business research prior to commencing a business undertaking is essential.
For many companies, this is usually the weakest link in their chain of operation. Either there are not the qualified staff or that qualified staff are fully engaged in critical business development or operational duties, often leading to severe gaps in business knowledge. In today’s competitive global setting, a small gap in knowledge could potentially be the cause of business failure.
In addition, for venturing into new areas of business, the Management or business owners may want to keep their new direction confidential. This is when you shall find our business research service of great help.

Business & Industry Research

We will conduct desk research & analysis for a broad range of business areas for our client. With effective & efficient compilation of research findings & presentation, we are capable of swift turnaround of assignment to fit our client's schedule.

A selection of business research work completed by us on various industries as shown are available for purchase. Each of these industry reports is available for RM300 (about US$75). Please use the form below to place an order. If you have chosen to pay by credit card or PayPal, you could use the section on PayPal payment below the Order Form. If you prefer direct bank in of cash or online bank transfer please proceed to Pricing & Payment page to make your payment after submitting the Order Form.

Industry findings on the following sectors are available:

  1. Auto-detailing in Malaysia.
  2. Coffee chain brands in Malaysia.
  3. Halal Chinese food service sector in Malaysia.
  4. Convenience & grocery retail brands in Malayisia.

  • Convenience stores in Malaysia
  • Car wash industry in Malaysia
  • Halal Chinese food chain brands in Malaysia
  • Coffee chain brands in Malaysia


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